Before You Come

  • Do a self check. If you have a fever, chills, cough, runny nose, trouble breathing; or have been in contact with a COVID + person, please stay home.
  • Select and remember to bring your mask.
  • Leave home earlier than you used to, to come to church. The check-in procedures at the church will take a few minutes extra.

Coming Into the Building

  • enter via the side door
  • be patient as attendance is taken upon entrance and ushers take you to your seat
  • use the hand sanitizer as you enter
  • masks will be provided if you do not have one

For The Love Of Neighbour

As a community we follow these behaviours to keep everyone safe:

  • C– Come in side door
  • O– Observe physical distancing
  • M– Masks mandatory
  • M– Movement only to hymns (no singing)
  • U- Ushers will seat you
  • N- No touching (no hugs or handshakes)
  • I – Infants/children to remain with families
  • T- Toilets: wash hands
  • Y– Your stuff stays with you. No coat racks. 

Distanced Seating

Ushers will seat people as they arrive. There is room in the sanctuary for 30 bubbles (most spots will seat 3-4 people). It is possible that 1 person or 2 people will end up in a spot that could hold more.  This will reduce the total number of people who can be seated in the sanctuary.

Thank You

A huge thank you to Rev. Dr. Kimberlynn McNabb and Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, who provided the Reopening COVID guide above, which was altered for use at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Many thanks Pastor Kimberlynn and Ressurection!